*artspiration* June 17



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Make It Personal

Reigning in some creative energy, it is overflowing on this warm grey day… It definitely doesn’t feel like winter here in Alabama. I decided to complete another sketchbook makeover.  So here she is, the SUPERGIRL SKETCHBOOK…

I enjoy making these things more “mine”. We should not judge books by their covers, but a little extra fancy never hurts. This particular sketchbook needed some Tender, Love, & Care. At 11×14 inches it gets a lot of wear when put into my laptop bag or the passenger seat of the car. The edges are beginning to look a little frazzled. Plus I like to look across the room, or my studio, and be inspired by the things around me. Now when I look at this sketchbook it says, “The world needs you. You have been given this gift. Do not hide from the world, and remember…  use your creative powers for good!”

LOL. I just chuckled.