WreckThisJournal XIV

Really a fabulous prompt, but I am paper biased. When I saw wrap, I instantly thought about brightly colored packages in fancy papers with glorious bows… you know… how we expect, or hope, our Christmas or Birthday presents will look. Except mine never quite do! But seriously, who doesn’t love the look of an elaborately wrapped package? This combined with my obsessive preoccupation with paper and it is no real stretch to think I would want to experiment with decorating my own paper for wrapping.

I had visions of beautifully painted and stamped paper, (hey I said visions, I think my stamping skills need some work) and it is summer… All I can think is beach, beach, BEACH. Play time, summer time, rest and relaxation time! So around the house in circles I went looking for something small and flat, then my eyes landed on these tea bags. They were free, some sort of promotional thing. I didn’t want to throw them out, they aren’t my favorite but I’d drink them… perfect! I wanted something that I could wrap and place back in the Wreck It journal somewhere, and in the end I unexpectedly created a delightful R&R care package for myself! Cute, cute! One small challenge accepted and a long-time-coming experiment realized, and I am simply overflowing with new ideas!

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WreckThisJournal XI

Circles have an interesting history for me, as I found out early in school that I was really quite good at drawing almost perfect circles with no aids, such as a compass. Good for me too, since I can’t draw a straight line to save my life! This was also one of Picasso’s favorite assignments for new artists, to draw a perfect circle. I even did a little research, and it seems there is a World Championship for free-handing circles. They fascinate me as they would most observers of the world, especially with the human inclination to make things straight, in a line, and with right angles, I almost crave the circle, the curve, the non-linear. Even my daughter had a hard time resisting the urge to interact while I worked to ~


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*This project was a great chance to use up all that cardstock I’ve holding onto. Hated the patterns and designs, but I didn’t want to throw it away. The silver circles were made using Artist Loft brand craft paint and some free stickers from promotional junk mail.

Make It Personal

Reigning in some creative energy, it is overflowing on this warm grey day… It definitely doesn’t feel like winter here in Alabama. I decided to complete another sketchbook makeover.  So here she is, the SUPERGIRL SKETCHBOOK…

I enjoy making these things more “mine”. We should not judge books by their covers, but a little extra fancy never hurts. This particular sketchbook needed some Tender, Love, & Care. At 11×14 inches it gets a lot of wear when put into my laptop bag or the passenger seat of the car. The edges are beginning to look a little frazzled. Plus I like to look across the room, or my studio, and be inspired by the things around me. Now when I look at this sketchbook it says, “The world needs you. You have been given this gift. Do not hide from the world, and remember…  use your creative powers for good!”

LOL. I just chuckled.


WreckThisJournal X


Back at it again! The past  year and a half has been consumed with infants and pregnancy, new jobs, and moving…. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have a baby boy due in April. Making the transition is definitely a challenging one, especially for the Working Artist Mother. How and when will we get the time to be creative? Even when the chance arises…. What can we get done during a nap? What can we get accomplished and put away in these limited pieces of time?

ks_rip-it-up          ks_glue-together

It was beautiful and fitting to find these two pages next to each other, thoughts of disassembling and assembling, ripping and attaching, tearing and gluing, so perfectly situated side-by-side. Definitely the perfect place to begin again, not at the end or the beginning but in the middle. How to honor the challenge of both but intertwine the two into a singular creative contemplation? And so with these thoughts swirling through mind and a need for a little glam, I got out all the gold and glitter and began to ~





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WreckThisJournal IX

One of my weaknesses, since I was a child…. office supplies.  I enjoy writing and holding new pencils, the smell and weight of new notebooks, the colorful and whimsical visions of paperclips, post-it notes, page markers, staples, and so on. They are just so inventive, useful, and nowadays fancy.  I gather these things like a squirrel who works during the day as an eclectic secretary!  There has been many a day where I have pondered alternative uses for my collections.  So imagine the joy when I read the words ~


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