WreckThisJournal XV

The bends, valleys, and many newly formed faces that become the structure of a crumpled piece of paper. Incredibly difficult to replicate. Impossible to document even as a drawing or singular photograph. I love them, crumpled sheets of paper. I’ve made whole piles of crumpled paper balls, filled birdcages with them, and attempted to cast them in Bronze, just in order to further admire them.

There are a great many things crumpling paper can provide, one is an unusual canvas to experiment with. It is a two dimensional surface becomes a three dimensional structure which can be altered and then returned to its two dimensional state. I had to play with this! I sprayed the paper with distress stains from a number of angles, once dry I coated the entire page in a thin layer of silver craft paint. I am really pleased with the results. It creates a tie-dye metal foil effect. Experiment success!

Not to mention the deep satisfaction, it is almost therapeutic like breaking pottery or popping bubble wrap to, one sheet of paper at a time… ~

Tear Out & Crumple

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*Materials used: Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Ink Spray & Martha Stewart CRAFTS Pearl/Metallic Paint


WreckThisJournal X


Back at it again! The past  year and a half has been consumed with infants and pregnancy, new jobs, and moving…. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have a baby boy due in April. Making the transition is definitely a challenging one, especially for the Working Artist Mother. How and when will we get the time to be creative? Even when the chance arises…. What can we get done during a nap? What can we get accomplished and put away in these limited pieces of time?

ks_rip-it-up          ks_glue-together

It was beautiful and fitting to find these two pages next to each other, thoughts of disassembling and assembling, ripping and attaching, tearing and gluing, so perfectly situated side-by-side. Definitely the perfect place to begin again, not at the end or the beginning but in the middle. How to honor the challenge of both but intertwine the two into a singular creative contemplation? And so with these thoughts swirling through mind and a need for a little glam, I got out all the gold and glitter and began to ~





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WreckThisJournal VIII

Finally!  They are finished.  It took a while to decide and then complete all these numbers. All I knew is that I wanted to make sure they were as playful as possible, in my mind that meant messy.  The “messy” was created by first painting little circles with white correction fluid in each corner, then using an acid-free, water and fade-resistant ink pen I wrote each of the numbers.  Then I took a paper towel and smudged each number. Note that some pages went missing before I added numbers, and some pages will go missing after!  Since the numbers are not really used as a guide for this book, I thought how can we really play with the notion ~


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*Pen used: Uni-ball Vision Elite


WreckThisJournal I

As an artist we have to keep our hands and minds moving, which is hard when pregnant and on bed rest.  So I am starting a portable studio, not just a sketchbook.  Not just a place of record, but to collaborate and conversate.  I have had Keri Smith’s texts, “Wreck This Journal”“This Is Not A Book“, “Finish This Book”, “The Pocket Scavenger”, “Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes”, and “How To Be An Explorer of The World” for…. well longer than I’m willing to admit!  And so here we begin with  ~


I have to say I LOVE the way the pages turned out, with the creases and ripples.  They are visually stunning.

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