Tabatha Lendquvist Jarmulowicz works from her studio located in Athens, AL. She is an Interdisciplinary artist working across and in various mediums to include painting, bookmaking, and poetics. She teaches Design I at the University of North Alabama and taught Drawing as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Tabatha has been involved in a number of community arts projects with At-Risk youth and has experience teaching art to youth and adults at various private and public schools, institutions, and art organizations. She earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

Pablo & I

Looks like Picasso is my painting soul mate! While I admire and am inspired by many painters, and often those who make work very different from mine, Picasso was one of my first artist’s crushes. I will leave this here… in hopes that it will embed its message in my creative being.


WreckThisJournal IX

One of my weaknesses, since I was a child…. office supplies.  I enjoy writing and holding new pencils, the smell and weight of new notebooks, the colorful and whimsical visions of paperclips, post-it notes, page markers, staples, and so on. They are just so inventive, useful, and nowadays fancy.  I gather these things like a […]