If You Love It, Let It Go

“Get out of whatever situation is making you feel as though you have to justify your creative time/self by making a monetary return, it is death to your creative being. Trust me. One of my graduate school advisors used to tell us all the time, “do nothing”. When you are ok with doing nothing, the good stuff comes. Get out of whatever situation is causing the unneeded and unhealthy sense of urgency. No quicker way to killing your authentic voice than by silencing it with the pressure you put on yourself, or others have placed on you, to produce. Not everyone who seems interested in you and your work is someone you should be talking to about your work. The more we talk about our creative work, the less creative work we make. Sit alone by yourself, with no destination, and make some shit, as if there was no importance to the outcome or resulting art object.”

~Tabatha Lendquvist

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