WreckThisJournal XIV

Really a fabulous prompt, but I am paper biased. When I saw wrap, I instantly thought about brightly colored packages in fancy papers with glorious bows… you know… how we expect, or hope, our Christmas or Birthday presents will look. Except mine never quite do! But seriously, who doesn’t love the look of an elaborately wrapped package? This combined with my obsessive preoccupation with paper and it is no real stretch to think I would want to experiment with decorating my own paper for wrapping.

I had visions of beautifully painted and stamped paper, (hey I said visions, I think my stamping skills need some work) and it is summer… All I can think is beach, beach, BEACH. Play time, summer time, rest and relaxation time! So around the house in circles I went looking for something small and flat, then my eyes landed on these tea bags. They were free, some sort of promotional thing. I didn’t want to throw them out, they aren’t my favorite but I’d drink them… perfect! I wanted something that I could wrap and place back in the Wreck It journal somewhere, and in the end I unexpectedly created a delightful R&R care package for myself! Cute, cute! One small challenge accepted and a long-time-coming experiment realized, and I am simply overflowing with new ideas!

Come play with me, comment & share your results!

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