WreckThisJournal X


Back at it again! The past  year and a half has been consumed with infants and pregnancy, new jobs, and moving…. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have a baby boy due in April. Making the transition is definitely a challenging one, especially for the Working Artist Mother. How and when will we get the time to be creative? Even when the chance arises…. What can we get done during a nap? What can we get accomplished and put away in these limited pieces of time?

ks_rip-it-up          ks_glue-together

It was beautiful and fitting to find these two pages next to each other, thoughts of disassembling and assembling, ripping and attaching, tearing and gluing, so perfectly situated side-by-side. Definitely the perfect place to begin again, not at the end or the beginning but in the middle. How to honor the challenge of both but intertwine the two into a singular creative contemplation? And so with these thoughts swirling through mind and a need for a little glam, I got out all the gold and glitter and began to ~





Come play with me, comment & share your results!

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