WreckThisJournal IV

Here’s to the unexpected!  I’ve sent numerous papers through the wash in my pockets, and they always emerge in some semblance of a flattened mass of folded paper. When I opened the washing machine, I was left with a few bits and the rest had washed away. Although the challenge of deciding how to place it back in the book was a fun one.  I now have an additional process for adding bits and pieces into a journal or book, one that I did not see before I was left with paper fragments…  New formed thoughts, born from the fragments of a page and a task ~


Come play with me, comment & share your results!


2016-01-24 22.50.03 (1)


I just found more paper bits in my dryer vent! So I had to add them to the journal, biggest question was how. I had one zippered, plastic baggie, and it was already taped shut… So I decided to glue them in, but how? With all the dryer lint…. Here is the result. I have to say it looks amazing, might be using this process in future pieces! (January 24)

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