Paper Makes A Difference


I wanted to see what the difference in print quality would be, for similar encaustic prints, on varying papers. For the first print I used recycled cotton rag paper, made in India. It required multiple layers and heavy encaustic application, but the texture inherent to this type of paper made for a gorgeous print with added depth.

The second print was made using the Kozo paper I’ve been using for the majority of my encaustic prints. It is thin, but is “hairy”, and it requires only one thin layer of encaustics. The Kozo also becomes slightly transparent after the wax and pigments are absorbed, which offers its own degree of added depth.

I have to say, while I love both, the image on the recycled cotton rag seems more substantial to the eye. It needs no embellishment or additions. While the image on the Kozo, at least to me, needs some tweaking to achieve the definition I would like my prints to have.

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