WreckThisJournal I

As an artist we have to keep our hands and minds moving, which is hard when pregnant and on bed rest.  So I am starting a portable studio, not just a sketchbook.  Not just a place of record, but to collaborate and conversate.  I have had Keri Smith’s texts, “Wreck This Journal”“This Is Not A Book“, “Finish This Book”, “The Pocket Scavenger”, “Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes”, and “How To Be An Explorer of The World” for…. well longer than I’m willing to admit!  And so here we begin with  ~


I have to say I LOVE the way the pages turned out, with the creases and ripples.  They are visually stunning.

Come play with me, comment & share your results!


    1. artrivative

      It was not my idea. Rather I am working through the book, it is by Keri Smith. I have all 6 of her books. They are an amazing resource for artists interested in stretching themselves and their practice. Creativity workbooks, which are full of art experiments if you will.

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